Green screen Video and Photography – LIVE!

Green Screen Photography and Green Screen Video with live view and full social media are our speciality.  Email or call us on 01442 255915

We produce professional quality green screen photographs and live green screen videos in the fastest times at the best rates! We start at just £585.00. Look at what others offer and you will see why we have multiple jobs every day, not once or twice a month.

We are the only company offering live Green Screen Video at events, click here to see our Live Green Screen Video section. We  have the latest full HD broadcast quality TV studio and mixer which lets us use multiple cameras and output live green screen video to multiple screens at your event, and also stream or upload instantly!

We upload LIVE to facebook, twitter, instagram, email and websites in real time. See here for details of our unique iPad app.

We work internationally from London. Our unique green screen studios are fully portable,  this year we’ve already been to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Antigua, California, Singapore, Bahrain, and all over Europe. We’ve worked at the X-Factor Finals, Formula 1, the FA Cup Final, the Tour De France, the NFL, the Rugby finals, multiple Golf Events and MipCom in Cannes to name a few! We regularly work with all the major brands. We know how to represent a Brand, and our repeat business levels prove this.

You can see some of our latest green screen photography work on the right, or here in our blog . Compare the quality of our green screen photographs and green screen videos to others and you will notice the studio quality colour, clean keying and clarity.

Our green screen photography systems are all wireless and cable free, even the lighting, and we use top of the range Nikon D4S full frame cameras, proper photolabs and the fastest computers all linked wirelessly. View some of our green screen gear here. We create the scenes for you at NO COST! We add unique layers of shadows, special effects and lighting to give a real 3D feel to our green screen photos.  We give your guests multiple choices of backdrops, that’s the whole point!

We have all the necessary PAT tests, Public Liability Insurance and Risk Analysis reports to hand. We work with major brands all the time, but our green screen events teams will cover private parties and smaller events of any size. If you’re running a green screen event anywhere in the world, we can help.


Green Screen Photography for Lloyds Awards Event

The portable green screen photography studio was put to great use in London for the Lloyds Awards Event at the Park Plaza hotel. We had a great choice of interactive 3D scenes to place the guests into, we don’t charge for creating these, it’s part of what makes us unique.

green screen photography for Lloyds

Our setup is extremely neat and portable, we don’t need to use loading bays or big vans, we walk in with the whole studio in two small wheeled bags. That’s why we work all over the world, we can take everything we need and our complete green screen system in standard luggage allowance, avoiding excess charges. Here’s how it looks setup.

portable green screen studio

Notice no tripods, studio lights, cheap cloth green screens, cables or clutter. Everything is wireless, we use Nikon D4s linked wirelessly to our own 4G wifi, with the iPads, Alienware laptop and social media all controlled by us.

green screen award photograph

Our social media app lets us instantly send branded and preset tweets, facebook posts, instagram messages and emails directly to the guests accounts, and also to dedicated facebook fan pages. We can capture data, run RFID stations, show disclaimers, and run surveys. Call Paul on 01442 255915 or Luke in our London office on 07951 555712 to book, email or




Outdoor green screen photography for Skylanders

The portable green screen photography studio went continental again as we toured Europe producing instant green screen photographs for the Skylanders Trap launch. We’ve done a few of these tours, and they are some of the busiest events we have worked on! We’ve let other companies have a go when we are fully booked, using the graphics we designed, but we are always the first choice.

We design the 3D scenes ourselves, with special effects, shadows and lighting. And we don’t charge for the service, it’s what makes us unique.

Skylanders Green screen photo

At these events the queues are often literally miles long as Skylanders is an extremely popular product. Often it’s one in, one out at the attraction, so we have to be fast. And we are outdoors so have to be able to cope with the weather. Here’s lovely Lauren with a fresh box of frames processing one of over 1000 photographs we shoot, green screen and print in a day! Note the waterproofing, we always get the job done somehow !

Green screen photography outdoors

We use the fastest Alienware laptops fully specced up to cope with the speed we shoot and green at. We have multiple scenes guests can choose from, and it all happens so fast. By the time they make their way from the green screen back to the desk the photograph is ready for them! We can produce a green screen photograph every 10 seconds, no-one else can, and we get studio quality keying and quality. Plus we can work any way round, it looks simple, but it’s tricky! We use our own software, our own iPad app, and our own green screens made to order. And no, we don’t sell them, and we won’t share the code :)

Outdoor green screen photography
Outdoor green screen photography by 01442 255915


Instant Event Photography – Hilton Park Lane London

We can produce instant event photographs with frames and full branding live at any event, with or without a green screen. We aren’t fixated on what we do, if you want anything to do with photography or video at an event, we can help. In this case the sledge, Reindeer, Will Farell look-a-like and the decor was enough. We work at the Hilton in Park Lane often, it’s always a great venue and the staff are helpful. All we need is a plug socket and some space to produce great photos. We start like this…

Event photo Hilton London

We shoot using the same kit you would see in a photographers studio, but our kit is all fully portable and cable free, we only use wireless lighting so when it gets busy (and it does) we don’t have to worry about hot studio lights or people tripping over cables. And we are fast, we shoot, brand, edit and print at up to 6 photographs a minute, that’s one every 10 seconds! The image is sent wirelessly from the Pro Camera straight to the super quick Alienware system where we add branding like this….

London Hilton event photographyThen we instantly print on our portable photolab which is the fastest in the world. The photographs are laminated and waterproof, and of the highest quality. They will never fade or discolour, and are a permanent memento of the event (and of course the Brand) long after everything is finished. We frame using smart black mounts with built-in stands ready to be proudly diplayed on the desk or mantelpiece after the event. And we place every photograph in a clear fronted bag. Those are included whether you have the optional frames or not, free!

Instajt framed event photography London Hilton

We produced over 400 large framed photographs in just a couple of hectic hours at the IAA Awards, all the images were sent digitally to the client as well. We don’t need much room, which is just as well as we are always the busiest activity at any event we attend. In fact the whole setup looked like this….

London event photography instant prints

Please feel free to call us on 01442 255915 at anytime on any day, we work 7 days a week, 18 hours a day, so are always available. Or you can email or at any time. Pencil a date early, we get fully booked even with four teams.


Earls Court London Green Screen farewell party

Our green screen photo studio was at Earls Court in London for the whole weekend to give guests a permanent memento at the closing party. It’s sad that Earls Court is going, we’ve covered a lot of events there over the years with our green screen setup being used for Dancing on Ice, Dr Who, the Ideal Home show and dozens more events.

green screen photography

So we gave guests the chance to dance on the roof, we designed a fitting farewell backdrop, and they loved it! We produced hundreds of photos each day, we can manage 200 an hour flat out, and these aren’t silly little strips. We produce studio quality photographs with frames, use proper DSLR Cameras linked wirelessly to our unique system, we avoid cables, tripods, and hot studio lights, and we use a proper photographer for speed and quality.

Earls Cpurt London Green Screen Photo

We don’t charge for designing the 3D scenes, and with our system you can dozens of different sceanrios for guests to interact woth. Of course, we have our own social media app for live sgaring straight to facebook, twitter, instagram, email and even text, and we even have free standing photo stations that show the images live as we work! And all starting at just £585.00 for an event! Call us on 01442 255915 or email to pencil in a date, we have four teams but get booked early! And we can get general event photos too, here’s the inside, farewell Earls Court.


Green screen photography for Chelsea FC

We were back at Chelsea FC for the home game against Manchester City with a brand new trailer to produce instant green screen photographs for home and away fans . Despite the freezing temperatures everything ran smoothly and we got hundreds of great photographs which were as popular as ever.

chelsea green screen photography

Here’s Elaine in her ski-ing gear with Chelsea hat keeping warm as we setup. If you are wondering where all the lighting equipment is, that’s a trade secret, but it’s all wireless and very neat. If you want to know where the Nikon D4 is, well, it took the photo! We don’t need or use messy cables, tripods, or studio lights, our unique system doesn’t need it. And if you are wondering how good the photos are…….

green screen photography for Chelsea FC, London

Our favorite photo of the day came from a very happy Man City fan who didn’t seem bothered by the cold! We shot, green screened, printed and framed over 200 photographs in the short time between the fans arriving and kick-off. It’s very generous of Chelsea FC to supply this service as a thank you to their own fans and to visiting fans, that’s what makes them different, they like to give something back. We are at Stamford Gate opposite the offical store if you want to come and get a free photograph.

green screen photo Chelsea FC

Jurassic Park Green Screen Photography for Universal Studios

Movie companies love our portable green screen photography and video studio, this time we were in London for Universal Studios promoting Jurassic Park.  Movie companies are rightfully very protective over their products, and that’s why they always choose us, we are the only green screen company who can produce the quality they expect at the speeds they require to keep hundreds of guests happy. So please don’t copy these images.


We offered guests a huge selection of scenes from the movie, and had themed baseball caps made. We also supplied props and dressed the set with huge Dinosaur standees. Sadly we were too busy to get shots of it all as we were flat out from start to end shooting and printing over 500 framed photographs in one short evening.

green screen photography uk


We brand photographs free of charge and do all the design work creating the 3D scenes free as well. That’s what makes us different, we know that the whole atcivity stands or falls on how good the photos we offer are, so we make the effort to get them right. Below is an example of how they look framed with the branding on. We can produce keyrings, luggage tags, glass coasters, glass frames, whatever you need.


This is the blog site for where we try and put some of our work up for everyone to see what we do. But we work every day and don’t have time to do this often, we are about to head off to Singapore for the HSBC World Golf, are at Chelsea FC this weekend, have just finished the Bike show at the ExCel for TfL and were at London Gatwick on Valentines day. So we can’t keep this up to date, we just put the fun jobs up. We have four teams though, so contact us via the website to book.

Green screen photography with the BBC

We take our green screen photography to a lot of events for major corporations, and have produced green screen photographs and green screen videos all over the world. So when BBC Worldwide needed a green screen company to produce the best quality photographs at the highest speeds, we were chosen. Usually when we pop up a little blog about a job we only include one or two examples. But here we are putting up more examples, a small selection of the many scenes we created for this event.

green screen photo victorian london

The brief for this job was to let guests choose from many themes relating to the BBC Worldwide, the example above was one we created of Victorian London to give people the impression they were starring in Peaky Blinders!green screen photo gorillas

The Gorilla scene was composed of many green screen layers so people looked like they were posed in a jungle as in Life on Earth. With instant photographs to take away and full social media options for live uploads to facebook, twitter, instagram and email, we are always a popular attraction.

green screen photo penguins

And as it’s winter posing with the Penguins on the green screen proved very popular. Unlike a cheap photobooth we can shoot large groups full length and work in 3D. Plus we match the photos to the lighting, so here everyone is very brightly lit.

green screen photo arctic

The more random the green screen photo, the more fun people have, and again with layers we put them right in the action, and it’s instant! Our record is 1500 people shot, posed and green screened in an hour, but we did use four green screen systems with photographers!

green screen winter photograph

No actual reindeer were used in this green screen xmas scene, it’s all clever use of 3D layers using our unique software. No-one else does this as well or as quickly as us, and we are alsi the most affordable!

green screen xmas photo

And yes, we can do traditional green screen xmas scenes or any other seasonal theme. We design the scenes to match your theme absoultely free of charge, as we know our popularity stands or falls or how good the scenes are. So we make them oursleves. You can have full branding as well, at no extra cost!

green screen photo

Sherlock Holmes is a major BBC series, so it was an elementary choice of scene. Again notice how although we don’t change our wireless lighting, it adapts to the scene so the people look properly lit.

green screen photographer for BBC

So that’s a few of the many choices of scenes we provided, we produced hundreds of green screen photographs every hour at this event, and everyone who came said it was the best attraction there. And of course, everyone who participated now has a permanent souvenir of the event. Long after an event has finished, our photographs constantly remind people of the brand, the fun they had, and that’s why we enjoy what we do. Call us on 01442 255915 to book, we are busy but have four green screen photography teams.

Video Station green screen photography at Gatwick Airport

We took the new free standing video station into Gatwick Airport to produce instant green screen photos for the passengers. Our new Video station lets guests see themselves live on screen as they choose different green screen scenes to appear in. Of course it also does video interviews, slow motion videos, and much more.

Gatwick green screen photos

We created this Video station to show all the photo booth operators how it should be done. Using a proper Canon DSLR with a superb lens and proper portable studio lighting, we can create studio quality full sized photographs instantly, with perfect keying and beautiful colours. Plus of course it is all branded and uploaded live to social media! and it only takes 18″ of floor space!

green screen p[hotos at Gatwick

We don’t even need a green screen as the Video station has special software that lets us instantly remove any background, but it’s quicker with one. The guests choose by touching the screen and instantly see themselves in the scenes at the correct size and position. Then they accept the scene they want, watch the birdie, and in seconds the photograph is branded, green screened and printed, plus uploaded to a dedicated Facebook page!

green screen photos gatwick

This is very new technology and we are the only company in the UK running such a system. One person can set it all up and run it, it’s very quick and easy to setup and it takes hardly any space. It can of course also do the little strip photographs, but with the quality we produce it’s a shame to print so small. Call us to book on 01442 255915, or email


Tiffany Green Screen photography, London

Green screen photography doesn’t always need a green screen! We are always flexible so when Tiffany approached us to work in their prestigious London stores we suggested using their famous Tiffany Blue as a backdrop. Image and style is everything to Tiffany so they were delighted with our suggestion. Our ultra compact portable studio setup looked like this.

Blue screen photography for Tiffany

That’s all we need, the speaker under the desk was part of the DJ set as these events were for Tiffany’s top VIP customers and the store was closed to the general public. We work with Nikon D4S wireless DSLR cameras and as they are so sensitive we don’t need hot studio lights, tripods, cables or the other clutter that others use. We hid the photolab before the event as well, so all guests saw was Elaine magically producing stunning photographs from nowhere, instantly!

london green screen photography

For this job we produced instant large 6″ x 6″ square photographs with the Tiffany hashtag in the Tiffany font. We used the images from their Xmas campaign to keep on brand. With our unique social media app every image can be instantly uploaded to a specially created album on the companies website, tweeted, emailed and send to Facebook. The guests can do this themselves using our iPads or we do it for them. That’s what makes us different. We also take stunning event photographs, here’s one of Elaine with a Tiffany Halo :)

london event photography