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Green Screen Photography and Green Screen Video with live view and full social media are our speciality.  Email or call us on 01442 255915

We produce professional quality green screen photographs and live green screen videos in the fastest times at the best rates! We start at just £585.00. Look at what others offer and you will see why we have multiple jobs every day, not once or twice a month.

We are the only company offering live Green Screen Video at events, click here to see our Live Green Screen Video section. We  have the latest full HD broadcast quality TV studio and mixer which lets us use multiple cameras and output live green screen video to multiple screens at your event, and also stream or upload instantly!

We upload LIVE to facebook, twitter, instagram, email and websites in real time. See here for details of our unique iPad app.

We work internationally from London. Our unique green screen studios are fully portable,  this year we’ve already been to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Antigua, California, Singapore, Bahrain, and all over Europe. We’ve worked at the X-Factor Finals, Formula 1, the FA Cup Final, the Tour De France, the NFL, the Rugby finals, multiple Golf Events and MipCom in Cannes to name a few! We regularly work with all the major brands. We know how to represent a Brand, and our repeat business levels prove this.

You can see some of our latest green screen photography work on the right, or here in our blog . Compare the quality of our green screen photographs and green screen videos to others and you will notice the studio quality colour, clean keying and clarity.

Our green screen photography systems are all wireless and cable free, even the lighting, and we use top of the range Nikon D4S full frame cameras, proper photolabs and the fastest computers all linked wirelessly. View some of our green screen gear here. We create the scenes for you at NO COST! We add unique layers of shadows, special effects and lighting to give a real 3D feel to our green screen photos.  We give your guests multiple choices of backdrops, that’s the whole point!

We have all the necessary PAT tests, Public Liability Insurance and Risk Analysis reports to hand. We work with major brands all the time, but our green screen events teams will cover private parties and smaller events of any size. If you’re running a green screen event anywhere in the world, we can help.


Green Screen photography @ The Lighting Design awards with iGuizzini

The annual Lighting Design awards were held at the magnificent Hilton Park Lane hotel and what better way to keep the huge crowd entertained than with some instant green screen photography.



We only started work at 11pm, finishing at 2am, but in that time we managed to produce nearly 400 instant green screen photos. Guests could also then upload their images straight to Facebook, Twitter or their own email accounts with our social media upload app via the iPads in the photo.  (the messy black cable is charging the WiFi, that was removed before we started, we hate cables!)



The @LDAwards twitter page manager was searching for the #teams4light tag all night and retweeting it to their main page. Safe to say, most of the feed was full of our fun green screen photographs taken on the night. We get booked very early as are the most affordable green screen photography service. So email or call on 01442 255915.

Green Screen Photography @ Scotland vs Gibraltar with Vauxhall

On a (not so) sunny Sunday we were invited by Vauxhall to provide instant green screen photography for their fan zone event being held outside the national stadium in Glasgow.


The event was free to attend and guests could get their photograph taken with their friends and family and receive an instant print out. They were then encouraged to email themselves the photograph using our social media upload app.  The app was also set up to instantly upload images as they were green screened instantly to the Vauxhall Scotland facebook page. The idea was to get the fans to tag themselves in their green screen images, thus entering them into a competition to win tickets for the Scotland vs Germany match.

Despite the bad weather the event was very busy and we printed hundreds of instant green screen photographs, which made it all worthwhile for the fans of both teams.



Green Screen photography @ the Oxford Belfry with Ronald McDonald House

It’s always great to use our green screen photography system with a charitable organisation such as Ronald McDonald House. The theme for the evening was 1920’s so we created a range of green screen backgrounds to fit the occasion.



As well as keeping the guests entertained with our instant green screen photographs which were printed straight away, we also managed to raise a large amount for the charity by having a bucket for voluntary donations for the photographs. Apparently some very generous people think our photographs are worth £50 a print luckily for the charity!

1920's green screen photo

We create the scenes for each event free of charge as that’s what makes us so unique. We also use Nikon D4s to shoot with, extremely expensive top of the range DSLR’s that work great in low light and have very powerful wifi. It is annoying when we see PhotoBooth companies telling everyone they use “state of the art top of the range DSLR cameras” when in fact it’s a Canon Rebel or cheap DSLR costing a couple of hundred pounds. The lenses we use cost more than a complete Photo Booth!

victorian LondonWe can shoot, green screen, print and frame up to 200 photographs in an hour! And these are big photographs, laminated and waterproof, real photographs, not teeny strips. A Photo Booth will produce a photograph roughly once a minute by the time guests have fiddled with the buttons and waited for their little strip. In that same time we can produce THREE proper 7″ x 5″ studio quality prints, and frame them as well. Plus we have full social media uploads available on iPads instantly! So call us on 01442 255915 to book, we are more affordable than a cheap booth, but you get a professional photographer using a real camera.



Green Screen Photography @ The Golden Orbs with Inchcape

The annual Inchcape ‘Golden Orbs’ awards were held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel at the Birmingham NEC. Due to the large numbers of people attending the event, we were asked to set up two green screen photography experiences at either end of the main ball room. This helped keep the queues down and get through twice the amount of instant printed green screen photographs in the same time.


Both systems were set up with the same green screen backgrounds, guests could be super imposed into a variety of film scenes as well as some more car specific green screen scenes to reflect the nature of the organisation. We also had a large prop box which always encourages people to let their hair down and go wild on the green screen.


As you can see from the images above the guests kept us busy and had a great time. They also got to take  away a wonderful branded souvenir of the event. After all the planning that goes into an event, all that is left is the memory. Using us helps that last a lot longer!

photography with green screen

Four Green Screen set ups @ Well Pharmacy event @ The ICC

Is it possible to use green screen photography to capture 1500 people in two hours? But still get high enough quality images to create printed postcards to send out to everyone at the event the next day? That’s the sort of challenge we love, and of course we managed it easily.

The former Co-op pharmacies have recently been rebranded and launched under the name of ‘Well.’


The launch conference was hosted at the ICC in Birmingham. As we only had 2 hours to set everything up, then photograph and green screen instantly the 1500 people, we worked fast. We brought four of our specially made green screens to run simultaneously. Each green screen experience was dedicated to a different divison. So we had four photographers all linked wirelessly to our green screen system.


As you can see from the photograph above we were extremely busy but managed to get through everyone in the time period. Each camera saved the files with pre-assigned filenames so we knew who each person we photographed was. The client then received all of the green screen images at the end of the event, all branded and ready for printing. We like a challenge!

HSBC Women’s Golf Singapore 2015

We ran three activities, live green screen photography, light painting with a golf club and live social media photography at the HSBC Women’s World Golf Championships in Singapore, by far one of our favourite jobs organised by the brilliant Red Door Events.

After the long flight and a day to get over the jet lag our first task was to entertain players and guests alike at the players party. The idea was to map out the guests swing using a customised golf club with built in red LED’s to match the HSBC branding. We created the club ourselves with wireless remote and built-in power packand then our brilliant Nikon D4s camera managed to capture beautiful images as seen below. As usual, we then provided instant photo prints and social media uploads.


We were asked to set up our state of the art Green Screen Photo Station in the HSBC Premiere Suite overlooking the famous 18th green. Guests were then allowed to use the booth as they wished to instantly see themselves superimposed onto one of three different green screen backgrounds. Each guest then received a large 6×8″ print out to take home with them. They could then either email, tweet, Instagram or Facebook their image using our iPad social media upload app.


playertest3Whilst one team was flat out producing thousands of framed photographs with the green screen photo booth in the Premiere suite, our other team was operating a photo opportunity in the Fan Zone for the rest of the crowd to come and enjoy.

Instead of using a green screen, a step and repeat logo board was provided as well as a number of props. People could get dressed as caddies or simply hold up the large polaroid cut-outs. Using the fast wireless connection in our camera we would simply shoot and then by magic it would appear instantly on our iPad app. The guests were shocked at how fast the process was, they then could upload to whichever social network they desired.


Thanks to everyone who came and had a photograph and for all the wonderful volunteers who assisted us during the week.


If you need an innovative video or photo experience at any event, give us a call on 01442 255915 or email We only use the latest tech and love a challenge! We are very sensibe with our pricing which is why we are so busy. So call as soon as you have a date, we have four teams now and constantly re-invest in new kit. We are the first in the UK to have the latest live green screen video system which is fully protable and doesn’t need teams of people to operate, we can do it with just a cameraman and an editor!


YPO Family Fun Day @ The National Space Centre Leicester

We often travel to some pretty interesting places with our portable green screen photography studio and The National Space Centre certainly falls into this category.



The event was for YPO, otherwise known as the Young Presidents Organisation, a peer to peer network bringing together young business leaders from around the globe.







Around 20 families were invited down to have a tour of the Space Centre, listen to talks by famous astronauts, take part in rocket building workshops and have the chance to put on a space suit. They would then be superimposed onto a choice of green screen backdrops and given an instant print out. Due to the format of the day, the green screen would be extremely busy for short periods of time throughout the day, however as we work so fast there was never a queue in sight. But after all that hard work, we deserved a well earned drink…



Our green screen experience isn’t just about the photographs, its about the whole experience. If you’re having fun working then the guests will feel comfortable on the green screen and the photographs will look much better. So naturally the best way to do this was for us to get involved in the fancy dress as well, we didn’t need much encouragement if the truth be told.

10430911_10152755337307934_1573639922701547593_n 10439054_10152633184600672_7278738521640695327_n


Deichmann UK Managers Conference @ The Belfry

After a long, hard day of conferences the managers of the shoe company Deichmann had a party laid on for them at the famous Belfry Hotel. Various entertainment was on offer including a standard photo booth, DJ and our green screen experience. We were extremely busy and everyone loved their instant green screen photographs that were printed within seconds of being taken. Even the photo booth guys were impressed with how much quicker we were than them, and we were producing large studio quality, 7×5″ prints with frames!



The green screen background choices consisted of various movie and golf scenes which everyone loved. We design those free for each client for each event, it’s part of what makes us so unique. You can see how compact and portable our unique green screen photography is for events, it’s all wireless and cable free and we bring our own 4G wi-fi network. We produced hundreds of studio quality framed photographs for the guests to take away with them as a permanent memento of a great event.



We use top professional DSLR cameras like the Nikon D4’s with the most expensive lenses, our Alienware system is the fastest available, and we only use the best portable photo labs to print the photos. Yet we are more affordable than anyone else, and your guests get the personal attention of a professional photographer to put them at ease. Call us on 01442 255915 to see if we are available for your event, we get booked up very far in advance. Or email or

Green Screen Photography for Lloyds Awards Event

The portable green screen photography studio was put to great use in London for the Lloyds Awards Event at the Park Plaza hotel. We had a great choice of interactive 3D scenes to place the guests into, we don’t charge for creating these, it’s part of what makes us unique.

green screen photography for Lloyds

Our setup is extremely neat and portable, we don’t need to use loading bays or big vans, we walk in with the whole studio in two small wheeled bags. That’s why we work all over the world, we can take everything we need and our complete green screen system in standard luggage allowance, avoiding excess charges. Here’s how it looks setup.

portable green screen studio

Notice no tripods, studio lights, cheap cloth green screens, cables or clutter. Everything is wireless, we use Nikon D4s linked wirelessly to our own 4G wifi, with the iPads, Alienware laptop and social media all controlled by us.

green screen award photograph

Our social media app lets us instantly send branded and preset tweets, facebook posts, instagram messages and emails directly to the guests accounts, and also to dedicated facebook fan pages. We can capture data, run RFID stations, show disclaimers, and run surveys. Call Paul on 01442 255915 or Luke in our London office on 07951 555712 to book, email or




Outdoor green screen photography for Skylanders

The portable green screen photography studio went continental again as we toured Europe producing instant green screen photographs for the Skylanders Trap launch. We’ve done a few of these tours, and they are some of the busiest events we have worked on! We’ve let other companies have a go when we are fully booked, using the graphics we designed, but we are always the first choice.

We design the 3D scenes ourselves, with special effects, shadows and lighting. And we don’t charge for the service, it’s what makes us unique.

Skylanders Green screen photo

At these events the queues are often literally miles long as Skylanders is an extremely popular product. Often it’s one in, one out at the attraction, so we have to be fast. And we are outdoors so have to be able to cope with the weather. Here’s lovely Lauren with a fresh box of frames processing one of over 1000 photographs we shoot, green screen and print in a day! Note the waterproofing, we always get the job done somehow !

Green screen photography outdoors

We use the fastest Alienware laptops fully specced up to cope with the speed we shoot and green at. We have multiple scenes guests can choose from, and it all happens so fast. By the time they make their way from the green screen back to the desk the photograph is ready for them! We can produce a green screen photograph every 10 seconds, no-one else can, and we get studio quality keying and quality. Plus we can work any way round, it looks simple, but it’s tricky! We use our own software, our own iPad app, and our own green screens made to order. And no, we don’t sell them, and we won’t share the code :)

Outdoor green screen photography
Outdoor green screen photography by 01442 255915